Course Information
Title: Marine Biology
CRN: 1058694 Course ID: BI143-Z1
Term: Winter term 2012/13 Credits/Hours: 4/33T
Instructor: A. JOHNSON
Dates: 1/7/2013 - 3/22/2013 Days: Tu
Times: 9:00AM - 11:50AM Location: CC-233
Estimated Tuition: $396.00 Estimated Fees: (see Notes) $53.00
Description: Students investigate physical, chemical and biological features of marine environments. Students will examine major groups of marine protists, plants and animals, and interactions within and between these groups. Students will conduct studies of Pacific Northwest intertidal and estuarine ecosystems and will research and report on human impacts on local and worldwide marine ecosystems. Prerequisite: WR 121 and MTH 60 completed with a grade "C", "P" or higher, or instructor approval. Co-requisite: BI 143 with BI 143L.
  • Prerequisite: WR 121 and MTH 060 with a "C grade or better, or instructor approval.
  • Co-requisite: BI 143L.

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