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OAR 581-41-460 authorizes Oregon Coast Community College to ask you to provide your Social Security Number. The number will be used by the college for reporting, research, and record keeping. Your number will also be provided by the college to the Oregon Community College Unified Reporting System (OCCURS), which is a group made up of all community colleges in Oregon, the State Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development and the Oregon Community College Association. OCCURS gathers information about students and programs to meet state and federal reporting requirements. It also helps colleges plan, research, and develop programs. This information helps the colleges to support the progress of students and their success in the workplace and other education programs. Providing your Social Security Number is voluntary. If you provide it, the college will use your Social Security Number for keeping records, doing research, aggregate reporting, extending credit and collecting debts. If you choose not to provide your Social Security Number, you will not be denied any rights as a student. Providing your Social Security Number means that you consent to use of the number in the manner described.

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